Omnea Metaspace

Omnea is metaspace intended for socializing, appreciating art and trading with NFTs. It is developed by Decol Collective team in partnership with TodaysArt, Output, Piksel, MLiZE gazhane, Meta Venture Fund, and We are Europe.

Omnea features four distinct rooms spawn, exhibition, event and meeting room. For this project I did composing and sound design for spawn and exhibition rooms. Event and meeting rooms are intended for socializing and do not feature audio experience.

Spawn room is a starting point for every user. It features soothing and calm music which suits the ambient of the room. This room is gateway to other parts of the Omnea metaspace.

Exhibition room is intended for displaying 2D and 3D art. It features music in repetitive loop with a sense of weightlessness to encourage users to explore. When user is close to piece of art the music changes to suit the experience of that particular piece of art.